Condylomata Acuminata

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Condylomata acuminata, which is also known as human papilloma virus or penile warts, is one of the most embarrassing and bothersome skin conditions that anyone could have. This is a condition where growths appear on the genitals.

These growths will appear as warts. These warts will be soft in texture. They can also have flesh colors to them. Warts that are not treated can develop cauliflower-like appearances. An increase in dampness can be experienced in some cases as well.

The effects of condylomata acuminata can involve more than just bothersome warts. It can also involve itching in the genital and anal areas. A greater amount of vaginal discharge or vaginal bleeding can also be experienced in women.

What Causes It?

The most common cause of condylomata acuminata involves having sex with multiple people. This includes having sex at a young age or having sex with people who have unclear sexual histories. This is what causes condylomata acuminata to be a condition that is most often referred to as a sexually transmitted disease.

In fact, simply using protection during sex may not be enough to prevent it from being transmitted. This condition can be transmitted through any type of skin contact.

However, there is a potential that condylomata acuminata can occur in people who do not engage in sex. People who do not follow proper dietary rules or those who do not have proper hormones may end up suffering from this condition. A person who uses tobacco or has too much stress can also be more likely to develop it.

Age is one important concern to see. This condition has been found in children in some cases. It can also occur in people who have become weaker over age.

Treatment Options

The best way to treat condylomata acuminata is to use the right preventative measures. For example, it will help to either abstain from sex or have sex with only one person who does not have any venereal diseases.

Some treatments may be used to help with treating this condition in people. For example, it may help to work with Intron A therapy. However, it could also help to get liquid nitrogen or another type of topical treatment handled on the area.

Cryosurgery, laser therapy or excision surgery may also be used. It will help to ensure that consistent checkups after treatment can be handled. This includes pap smears for those who have had genital warts.

It will be critical to ensure that condylomata acuminata is reviewed. This is a condition that can be avoided if the right measures are used.

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