Cholinergic Urticaria

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One skin condition that can occur as a result of internal physical functions is cholinergic urticaria. This is a condition that is often caused by heat problems. It often occurs after exercising or when the body is exposed to a substantial amount of heat that it may not be ready to accept. The effects of the condition can be especially difficult on some people.

What It Involves

This condition has been found to be caused by high levels of physical activity. A great amount of exercise or a bath in warm water can cause the body to become very warm and in some cases unbearably hot. It is believed in some studies that a rise in serum histamine may be the cause of cholinergic urticaria. Serum histamine tends to become more common in the body when it exercises and becomes warmer during the process.

This can cause the body to develop a series of marks with flares around them. These can have burning or itching sensations attached to them. These marks can appear on almost all parts of the body. They can also appear in about an hour after exercising. It is also assumed that sweating might cause cholinergic urticaria to occur. This might also be because of the heat that causes the sweating to occur.

The mast cells in the body may be impacted by cholinergic urticaria. This is because these could be impacted by histamines at a greater level.

A number of symptoms can be experienced. A person with cholinergic urticaria may experience diarrhea, headaches or pains in the abdomen. Some symptoms that relate to the respiratory tract may also be experienced.

Who Can Develop It?

Cholinergic urticaria can be developed by a variety of people. A person may be more likely to first experience cholinergic urticaria in one’s teens. It can also be easy for this condition to occur for years. An average person might suffer from it for about five to ten years on average.

Some studies have suggested that people with asthma, atopic eczema or rhinitis may be more likely than others to develop cholinergic urticaria. These studies have not been fully confirmed though.

Cholinergic urticaria is a difficult physical condition that should be reviewed when it comes to skin health. This difficult condition is one that can be bothersome and can cause many effects. This may be due to some histamine that may enter the body during high periods of activity.

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