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Sometimes shaving is an enjoyable experience for a man, and sometimes it is not. It often depends on the kinds of products and devices used while attempting to remove hair with a razor, whether it is electric or not.

A Common Problem

This is a description of a common problem that could take place when a man shaves, especially if he is still a teenager. Two types of inflammation that frequently occur include peripherals follicles and seborrhea dermatitis.

A Common Solution

One way to help prevent the common skin inflammations mentioned above would be to hold off the application of pomades or medicinal ointments. In fact, it may be better if you use a formula made out of one or more of the following ingredients: Chamomile, dead-nettle, blood wart, lavender, wild thyme, lemon, or grapefruit.

About one spoon of the above-mention ingredients mixed in the right recipe formula (more research required) per cup of boiling water is required. For longer preservation times you might want to add about one spoonful of white alcohol per one half of liter water.

A Sample Recipe

The base ingredient of this sample recipe is menthol. All you need to do is put fresh menthol leaves or menthol flowers in a bottle and let it steep for awhile. Then, you can fill the bottle with alcohol and keep it in a sunny place for 7 days and also shake it every single day.

It should then make sure it is sealed well. The recommended steeping liquid to use for this purpose would be a 20% concentration of tincture or 80 grams of distilled water.

Purpose: This menthol solution can be used as an after shave.

Practical Shaving Instructions

There is a right and a wrong way to shave. These steps are shown below and you should follow them in as much detail as possible, and by the way these are for following warm wrap procedures to follow if you want to enhance your shaving experience.

  • Wrap a warm, wet towel on your face and neck and leave it on there until it gets cold.
  • Apply a shaving foam or cream that has fat substance in it that can seal and protect your skin while it stays soft.
  • When you are done shaving you may find an alcohol-free astringent or an alcohol-based after shave. This helps fill up your pores after they have been cleaned out so more dirt and debris to not enter.
  • Once your skin is dry, it would help to apply a daily hydrating cream.
  • After you shave, you should wash your shaving brush off well with water and soap and then afterwards apply a disinfectant.

If you have a beard, you are advised to try not to touch your jaw while you shave. Furthermore, it is usually easier to shave off a beard if it is wet and combed, as well as glossed.

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