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No matter what age you are the kind of shaving products and devices you use can make a huge difference. One popular shaving aid is often used along with razors.

That is, unscented or scented oils often have been used for hundreds of years for a variety of reasons, such as skin nutrient replenishment and facial moisturizing. This is further explained in the sections to follow.

Types of Oils

Oftentimes shaving oils are quite cheap if they are extracted from petroleum. One advantage of these is that they do not spoil. However, this may not be the preferable choice as it may not provide the skin with the right kind of nutrients.

Therefore, some people prefer mineral oil. However, mineral oils cannot be mixed with fats, but instead sit above it. They are not always absorbed into the skin any more than petroleum-based oil might. However, it does depend on what kinds of minerals are present in this kind of more naturally-based oil.

The preferred kinds of shaving oils to use on the face often are the plant-based oils. These might be extracted from a variety of sources, such as olive, sunflower, or maize oils. Oil from lemon can also aid in face washing as well as moisturizing efforts.

Another very powerful food source to use on the face is avocado. The advantage of this is that it has in it the right nutrients in it to help keep the skin soft and smooth. It also helps keep wrinkles and skin problems at bay while it helps retain the skin’s moisture balance.

Additional ingredients used in various shaving oil rituals are castor and almond oils. These have a high concentration of vitamins and/or protein, and they are quite ideal for the area of the skin around the eye.


The use of shaving oils can help prevent adverse reactions and it also can stop or reduce allergies. The other advantage as far as allergies are concerned is that these oils are less likely to cause a bad reaction than would other kinds of artificially-produced store-bought shaving creams and lotions.

Of course, the other benefit is simply a peace of mind. Some people just prefer substances that come right from the earth versus substances that are made synthetically (or at least products that are partially synthetic). As a result, the mind of a person can become very much refreshed and it can help a person make some of life’s toughest decisions.

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