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The Santa Maria drug store is one of the oldest in the world. A huge array of products designed for skin care is found here. Makeup removal lotion and delicate soaps are also found that can make your shaving experience easier.

In addition, you can find a number of fragrances and perfumes to use on your skin during your shaving experience. Examples of such fragrances include the skin tonic products that can enhance your after shave experience. Orange blossom or rose water are two very popular solutions.

Products Offered

A vast array of shaving products is made by Santa Maria. One major group of products for shaving made by this company is the emulsions they offer that do not have alcohol in them and therefore do not dry out your skin.

As far as ingredients present in Santa Maria products are concerned, they vary. Natural borage is one base substance present in certain shaving formulas, and often a variety of anti-oxidants can be found in them along with one or more of the following: Calendula blossoms, Vitamin E, and sweet almond extract name a few.

The end result of using one or more of the combinations of ingredients above is that a man can experience a cleaner shave that leads to skin that feels as soft as velvet. No irritation at all is found.

Lanolin, menthol, camphor, and various flowers and herbs also might be present in certain Santa Maria products. Very little synthetic substances are found in these shaving products.


One of the main benefits of Santa Maria products is to moisturize the skin while using an electric or handheld razor. Certain products can also keep the skin cleansed and free of acne and blemishes, and they can even possibly slow the development of wrinkles. Of course, there also is less possibility of skin irritation and redness while using a razor.

Concerns and Tips

Pesticides and chemical products are also found in these products but the amount is minute. Still, users may be concerned and should just be made aware. In any case, all Santa Maria products used to enhance shaving should be kept in a cool, dry place.

Furthermore, you should always seal your shaving products and never leave them out for children to play with. This will further help preserve the life of the cream, oil, or other solution and would prevent danger to your child.

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