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Some of the sexiest men alive have used Rooney shaving products. The reason why is because this brand is known for its ability to create a look like not many shaving devices can accomplish.

Expected Results

Usually these products provided a smoother shave on much more delicate skin, and women are quite likely to notice this change in a man. A man can become more confident and seductive when he offers a clean shave to a woman. This fact has in fact been tested

A Bit of History

R. A. Rooney started this company before 1886, and upon each passing historic era the razors developed by this company have continually evolved and changed. The preferred shavers and preferred methods of hair removal had changed with the times, and this company has always worked hard to accommodate.

The Rooney brand was often attributed to family and childhood memories. One popular one is the image of a grandpa having just shaved his face and then afterwards his grandchild kissed him on both cheeks. Rooney in fact is thought of as a brand that is far more nostalgic these days than any other just because of how far back this manufacture of hair removal device actually dates.


Rooney products are often recommended because men perceive their body differently than a woman. That is, there is one obvious difference between a man and a woman in that a man regularly shaves his face and usually a woman does not.

Of course, if a man also cleans his face regularly and prevents acne from appearing on his face, shaving becomes easier. Still, Rooney is one brand that creates products for men with more sensitive skin.

Product Line

Since the inception of the R.A. Rooney Company a wide range of shaving products have been created, including a variety of razors as well shaving brushes. For instance, this company offers a wide array of handheld traditional shavers with replaceable places, and they are known for their double edge razors as well as their travel sets.

These Rooney Shavers and corresponding accessories are made from a variety of quality materials such as chrome, wood, satin, or silver. This company also sells endless kinds of aftershaves and colognes. Facial soaps, creams, and oils are also offered by this company to help enhance the shaving experience.

More Info

R.A. Rooney is also known for providing sharpening services for their reusable blades. These items can be sent to one of a variety of locations.

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