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For the man always on the go there is a practical solution. A man who stays up late or works long hours and has hardly any free time often uses a device such as a Panasonic shaver.

This is how he keeps a clean-shaven look, and it is how he achieves that “smooth baby face” look. Using the right shaving device also is what can help a man get rid of visible eye circles, wrinkles, and dehydrated skin.

Sample Routine

Cosmetic products for men are being sold in larger and larger quantities every single day, and every single year. A sample daily routine would include the cleaning and exfoliation of your skin with a special gel. This routine helps remove dead cells and it also prepares your skin for shaving.

You can also maintain your skin using a hydrating cream during the day. Then, in the evening you can choose one of a variety of available regenerating lotions.

The Real Truth

It may seem like men do not get as many skin problems as women. Men can get wrinkles as well as women do, and they can also get acne or experience skin diseases like dermatitis.

It should also be noted that men shave every single day, but in the process they usually do not have to spend very much money on anti-wrinkle creams or on solar protection creams. Certain specialized creams might cost a bit more but many of them are still inexpensive enough to use even if they are of a higher quality.

As far as wrinkle prevention is concerned, one of the highest recommendations for this purpose is to use the solar protection cream versus just the regular wrinkle cream. Then, perhaps a hydrating cream can be used to prevent dryness.

Some Problems

There are quite a bit of cheap shaving products that promise more than they deliver. These products might not fully remove the hair, or they might cause irritation, redness, or other reaction.


The reason why the Panasonic shaver is preferred is because it involves the use of a lift and cut system. This is how unwanted hair is totally eliminated, and this is accomplished by way of a perfectly smooth neck, chin, and face shaving.

About the Device: It is rechargeable and it only takes about 30 minutes to shave. It only takes an hour for the phone to recharge and it auto-selects from 100 to 200V. Furthermore, a special pointer indicates when the battery is loaded and it also has an on/off switch.

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