Organic Skin Care Vs. Chemical Skin Care

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A large number of skin care products have flooded the market today. They are divided into two main categories and some of which are placed in the organic skin care category while others are placed in the chemical skin care category.

It helps if you learn as much as possible about these two kinds of products before you try to use them. A description of each is presented in the next two sections, just so you have an idea of the difference between either of these.

Organic Skin Care

Many different organic skin care products are used to help prevent age progression in humans. For instance, some lotions and creams help repair dry skin, blemishes, and wrinkles. These products also can be very effective in treating breakouts, acne, psoriasis, sun damage, and sun burn.

One specialty item often used is the soft nourishing cream you may have once heard about. It helps get rid of the itching and blemishes that have occurred after shaving.

Organic vegetable oils, herbal extracts, and other substances such as pomegranate seed oil, white or green tea, and rose hips are often preferred. South African Rooibos calendula, soy oil, and other extracts are also commonly used.

Organic shaving gels and shaving soaps along with moisturizers are very helpful. These can give the skin that healthy shine you have always wanted. These organic products are absolutely natural and they have no additives.

In addition they are not chemical based and they have in them no synthetic aromas. Lime oils and clay sage also are very useful as they help prevent from drying of the skin.

Chemical Skin Care

Chemical based skin care products also have some benefit. This is a method of skin maintenance that makes use of chemicals in order to eliminate unwanted hair from your legs, underarms, or beard.

The alkaline chemicals in such formulas are what help dissolve protein structure in the hair. This is how the hair from the skin can be easily removed even in people who have sensitive skin or some other type of skin problem.

The one problem with chemical solutions as some people have encountered is that is that they are harder to apply than certain kinds of organic formulas. Furthermore, even those these kinds of solutions can be helpful to clear up skin conditions in some cases it makes the skin conditions worse. In some cases, users can develop some very serious skin complications.

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