Norelco 7610X Quadra 7 Men’s Shaving System

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Norelco is the maker of a variety of shaving products. This company is the division of Philips Electronics of the North American Corporation. This is a subsidiary of the Royal Philips Electronics N.V. and it is the collaboration of combined efforts along with Gillette and Philips.

A Little Background

Norelco is known for offering a wide selection of male grooming products. Some of the items that are the highest recommended by this brand include the sets of electric razors as well as the beard and a moustache trimmer of varying designs.

Other Norelco products introduced by this company include as follows: electric razors, replacement razor heads, related batteries, and spare parts. One particular model of razor that this company is most known for today is the Norelco 7610X Quadra 7, and this is mainly because it has unique steel blades which provide the most convenient and close shave possible.

The one main reason why the 7610X is a preferred model of shaver is because it helps reach the more difficult areas. For instance, it helps reach under the nose, nostrils, and chin. In addition, the pop-up trimmer that is included is quite useful for grooming sideburns and moustaches.

Further description: The Norelco 7610X Quadra 7 is cordless. It also has an LED charged indicator light, and an 8-hour recharge time is required. This 8-hour charge provides about 45 minutes of close shave time.

This product is meant for usage at a voltage range of between 100V to 240V of AC current flow. The main selling point of this particular shaving device is that it adjusts automatically to the curve of person’s face via an automatic impulse action system.

Additional products: Norelco is also a maker of travel razors as well as the pouches that holds the shaving devices. A protective cap is also provided along with a cleaning brush and head blade.

Biographical Info

Norelco is known for its many accomplishments that have been achieved over a span of 5 decades. This includes the introduction of contemporary razors which first came on the scene in the year 1867, with the Tripleheader razor that came on the scene in 1967.

This company offers a 60-day money-back guarantee with its products, and it has been known to value its customers tremendously. The main goal of this company is to provide the world with the smoothest and clean shave possible. Norelco along with Gillette and Philips are included in this effort, which has been also meant for the purpose of making the lives of men everywhere easier.

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