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Men have been shaving ever since the Stone Age, and since the time that razors were first invented the quality of these sharp hair removal devices has dramatically increased. Gillette is one of the world’s better-known companies to create an assortment of high-quality shaving devices, products, and accessories.

The Purpose

One effort of Gillette is to help launch skin care products that help reduce dryness as well as pain and discomfort often associated with shaving. The reduction of redness and irritation that often is experienced when shaving can also be decreased when using Gillette shavers and/or other products made by this company.

The typical Gillette formula used in the shaving creams they produce is not only capable of removing dirt, but also it helps remove excess oil. At the same time, it helps reduce or prevent dry skin.

In fact, in some cases a man’s facial skin is even more sensitive than that of a woman’s. The soap-free formula is intended for the purpose of eliminating pollution and impurities while it refreshes facial skin. At the same time the firmness of the skin is held sacred and the pores are opened up after shaving and allergies are reduced.

Further Description

Gillette has over the years offered a wide range of shaving products as well as skin care solutions. One more reason for launching skin care products is that the skin can become dry and painful as a result of razor stubble.

The natural ingredients used in Gillette products provide a glossy skin surface for nicks and cuts. This is made available for your personal free shaving pleasure.

The Gillette Moisturizer

The moisturizers in Gillette products are of a SPF factor of 15 and these products can not only be used to prevent grease build-up but also they help give added protection to a man’s skin. Any traces of impurities and pollutants that are found in the skin can also be conditioned with the right kind of shaving product that also moistens the skin at the same time.


As far as using Gillette products are concerned, there is one practical suggestion. It is highly advised that you use cleanser before you decide to shave your beard so that you can open up the pores if your skin in order for them to be cleansed.

Furthermore, the presence of vitamins in Gillette products is one way to accomplished two feats at once. Your skin is not only shaven but at the same time can also be rejuvenated.

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