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Clinique is a cosmetic care company that has become a classic. This organization used to only sell products for women but also now they offer a line of products that are for men.

The skin care products available for men are included in four main categories: shaving, grooming, cologne, and cleansing. As far as men’s fragrances there are only two that are currently available from Clinique.

As far as the Clinique skin care line for men is concerned, it is made up of three steps. This includes three different products of your choice and all of which that have special formulas made for men. Each one of these has a special formula.

The same is true of the exfoliating and/or pre-shave scrubs, creams, gels, and oils that can be found within the Clinique product line. A variety of grooming products are also available for men. These include hair maximizing serum and shampoos as well as exfoliating body wash and bronzer.

As far as the skin care and cleansing products examples of these include liquid face washes, scrubbing lotions, face soap, lip balm, and moisturizers. As far as the moisturizers are concerned some of the Clinique lotions keep the skin hydrated as well as protected from the sun.

You also can find antiperspirant deodorants in stick form available, along with daily eye hydrator. Some of the Clinique products have even received high recognition.

For instance, the FHM grooming award has been issued to Clinique in 2005 for the M-lotion. This is a lotion that is constructed of similar ingredients as for women but is packaged in a more “masculine” way that is more enticing to a man.

Men’s Versus Women’s Products

The hugest difference between Clinique men’s and Clinique women’s products is largely in the packaging. There may be some differences in ingredients to account for the difference in male or female body chemistry but other than that the male and female products are in many ways very similar.

However, in many ways men and women are very much the same. Therefore, there is not much need to drastically alter the products that are used by either a man or a woman.

About Men and Skin Care

In the past it seemed as though women are taking better care of their skin than men. A large part of this may have just been the stigma against a man using lotions, creams, and other cosmetic products.

However, as it turns out men care just as much about their skin as women do, and that is the purpose of the Clinique male product line. This was done with the understanding that men should not feel like any less of a man just because they want to take care of their body. In fact, it is actually believed that men who take better care of themselves on the outside feel better about themselves on the inside.

However, it often is a marketing strategy to design packages of products in such a way that they are inviting to a man. After all, a majority of men may feel a little bit self-conscious about ordering or using a product that might be packed in (for example) pink or other colors indicative of femininity.

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