The best (and worst) of natural makeup products

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Living during the Green Era, we find that natural products are being manufactured for anything and everything, and makeup is no exception. For instance, plant oils, shea and cocoa butters are excellent skin moisturizers. Aloe and chamomile essences are incredibly soothing and create softer textures. Minerals are also great makeup products for irritable skins. Natural cosmetics do not carry additives, such as preservatives, originally designed to preserve the quality of a product longer, but which can have damaging effects to a person´s health. They also tend to be more transparent and reliable, since buyers know exactly what they are purchasing when looking at the composition. Non-synthetic makeup products are easier and less damaging for the skin to absorb, specially considering it might absorb up to 60% of ingredients in certain body products. Organic products are better, since they cannot use synthetic fertilizers or poisonous pesticides. Natural makeup products carry barely noticeable preservatives, which carry more long-term benefits in terms of health and, consequently, beauty.

Despite the wonders of natural products that we are encouraged to buy, it is important to take into account that this isn´t always the way to go, as natural might actually mean allergic. If you are allergic to plant and flower extracts, or if you have acne and an extremely sensitive skin, it is best not to use these products, as they might aggravate your condition and create rashes and other negative reactions. Sometimes, these extracts contain enzymes that act as catalysts to allergic reactions. In these cases, it is better to use natural oils, rather than extracts, such castor-seed or sunflower oils. Also, look out for the components of mineral makeup products. Unless they are pure, it is better to avoid them, since they might contain parabens and other toxic substances. Natural antioxidant claims in makeup products should be viewed with particular care and suspicion, since they aren´t always used in the best or most efficient way. Natural nutrients may cause inflammation or redness in the skin, depending on the type of skin. The most important thing when using natural products is to know your skin, since not all natural makeup products are suitable for all kinds of skin. For instance, the mask of beaten egg whites can tighten pores in oily skins, but redden dry ones. Furthermore, natural products are not so natural anymore, since they all imply some sort of processing and are no longer completely pure or fresh.

For best makeup effects, the most important thing when faced with the decision of choosing non-synthetic products over chemical makeup ones is the type of skin you have. Whatever your decision, these products should never come into direct contact with your eyes or lips.

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