Mascara Magic For Luscious Eye Lashes

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Few women in the world are there who would not want long, dark and luscious eyelashes. One quick solution to get the perfect eyelashes on your eyelids is to apply mascara. Mascara highlights your eyes and helps you get the look that you want. Put them on and keep people around you charmed with your batting eyelashes.

How to apply on your eye lashes: Hold the wand at the base of your eyelashes and strike it up. As you do so, wiggle the wand. This is the trick by which your eyelashes get separated, giving your eyes a beautiful look. After you think you have finished, close your eye, and swipe the wand from on top of your eyelashes. This will remove any clamps on the lashes. Try to stop breathe in and out for a few moments when you are applying the mascara on your eye lashes. This will prevent any shakes and have your hand steady while you apply it, without smudging it.

Types of mascara: Mascaras come in different bases, the commonest being the liquid one. There are a number of mascaras to cater to different women from all spheres of life.

  • Lengthening: This one would make your eye lashes look even longer than what applying other mascaras can.
  • Thickening: This gives volume to your eyelashes, and gives your eyes a dark lining to define them prominently.
  • Curl: A lot of youngsters go for curl mascaras as they give their eyelashes a stylish curl. In colleges or office these mascaras are sure to make an impression.
  • Waterproof: For sweat, tears or water anything that you might dread before getting the lovely dark and luscious eye lashes, get the waterproof ones. These also allow you to go swimming with them, and you never have to worry more.
  • Non-clamping: They let you avoid any clamps that might form on your eye lashes. Extra glycerin in the contents of mascaras makes this possible.

Types of brushes for applying mascaras: The common one is the straight brush. They help you get long lashes without clamps or blobs making your eye lashes look messy. Another type is the curved brush. These curved brushes can give your eye lashes that are nicely curved and curled. The rubber bristles of these brushes of the applicator wand imitate the work of a mini comb, separating each lash from another giving your eyes a fuller look.

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