Makeup Powders: Oil Free Smooth Skin

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Makeup powders help you to get that perfect smooth and shine free look after you are done with your face make up. This is an essential element that you should have in your make up box. These powders for makeup also help your make up to stay on for a longer time.

How to choose: As every other skin cosmetic products, makeup powders must also be bought depending on your skin type. There are powders available these days that control excess oil from your face. People who have oily skins can buy them. While normal compressed ones are also available for those who have dry to normal skin types.

Shade of powder: These powders for makeup come in a number of shades so that women with all skin complexions can use them. Normally, these powders are chosen one shade lighter than your original skin tone.

Types of powders:

Loose powders: Translucent powders; they are great to give you a pore free skin texture that makes you look beautiful with smooth skin. You can help you look fresh the whole day long.

Compact powders: These are also known as pressed powders. As the name suggests compact powders come in a small case and can be kept in your purse. You can take them everywhere you go. This is a great way when you want to keep off the shine from your visage.

How to apply powders: Before applying powder on your face, throat and neck see to it that the foundation have blended perfectly on your skin, and has no blobs or unevenness on the skin. Then blot a tissue paper on your face and softly wipe off. This will get the extra foundation on the tissue, giving you a natural look. Next, take some powder on the applying puff or sponge and press it on your face, one place at a time. Never, never, never rub your face with the puff in an attempt to apply the powder. Once done, brush off the excess powder with a brush, and do It gently. Be careful that the powder does not adhere to the facial fine hairs. Also as you brush remember to get the strokes in a downward motion else the facial hairs will stand up giving you a fuzzy look, which is certainly not desirable. If you have already got those fine lines of aging then avoid using these makeup powders as they may get accumulated and look odd.

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