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Your social evenings and weekend night outs need some kind of preparation to your looks which should look attractive and pleasant so you can be accepted as a part of the crowd. So you can quickly learn to apply eye makeup in just about eight simple steps. Starting with the concealer, you will be learning how to apply the base, and then further using the eyeliner and ending with mascara.

The eight steps for eye makeup:

The first step is to use the concealer. The concealer is used to cover up the under-eye circles. There are different kinds of shades which are available as concealers and you can try something bluish or even a light blend of two colors in different layers. So, starting with it, you just have to apply three dots of the concealer under each eye. This would cover up the dark circles under your eyes. Experts suggest that you should start with the darkest regions of your skin under your eye slowly moving on to the pupil and then on to the outer edge. Gently, pat with your ring finger (don’t rub), till it disappears.

Now you have to apply eye base to your lid. You may be wondering why doesn’t, your eye shadow remain as it is for hours together as you would expect it to be. The reason for this is you haven’t applied your eye base. When you don’t do as mentioned, your shadow would just appear very shabby and unpleasant and fade out with in a couple of hours.

Applying eyeliner is the next and this works great for beautifying your eyes. Use eye shadows for this purpose with a dampened slant brush. You have to line closely along your upper eyelashes and repeat the same with the lower eyes. Start from the inner to the outer.

Now you need to use the eye shadow. There are different ways of using it like doing a three-toned pattern starting from the lids to the brow. You can blend three colors and get creative.

Next is the highlighter for brightening the eyes. Apply a little bit of the eye shadow in the inner corner of your eye. This brightens your eyes a little bit and brings a color difference.

You can follow the same again by highlighting your eye brows. You can use a nice bright color and apply it to your brow bone.

Use an eyelash curler to curl your eyelashes.

Use mascara for your lashes with the help of a brush. With this final step of eye makeup, be all set for a wonderful evening of socializing.

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