Bridal Makeup Tips And Tricks

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The D day. Every girl awaits this day in their life. On the verge of entering a new life they also want to look their best on the podium. They want not only the audience to be in awe, but also her to-be husband to fall in love with her again just before saying ‘I do.’ The entire trick to set you apart from the crowd is a proper bridal makeup. The correct Bridal makeup tips and tricks would help you look great on the day.

Bridal makeup tips and tricks:

Step 1: Since this is a day when you want to look the best, you have to do some extra bits. To start with you need a heavy pigmented foundation. Choose the shade of the foundation according to your skin tone. The cosmetic store salespersons and your beautician can help you with this. Blend the foundation with fingertips in small circular motions. Once you have finished blending the foundation on your face you will have a smooth layer on your skin hiding all blemishes and roughness if there are any.

Keep your skin type in mind before you start with the makeup session. If you have combination to oily skin you must not settle for anything less than water-based makeup, and apply it with a dry face sponge.

Step 2: Do not forget your neck, shoulders, and chest. Apply powder foundation on them, least you look like having a painted face. An even blending of foundation will merge your skin makeup with the bare parts of your body, as you wear your wedding gown.

Step 3: There are hardly any women on earth who can complete their makeup without a good concealer. However, it is not just enough to have a good concealer; it is necessary to blend it on your blemishes in a way that they get hidden.

Step 4: Eye Makeup: Although this is known as eye makeup it is more than that in reality. It starts from your eye brows and ends at your eye lashes. A lot of people have a tendency of overlooking the eye brows when it comes to make up. Get your eyebrows in shape a few days before your wedding day.

Use a concealer on your eye lids before you put eye shadow. That would help the eye shadow last through the day. But sometimes concealers can cause your eye shadow to cringe or have creases. Applying some powder is a good alternative. Avoid too shimmery or glossy eye shadows; rather choose a soft color that would be elegant. Apply mascara carefully to give your eyes that luscious look.

Step 5: Choose a lipstick that would stay on. Lip colors can be a bit glossy yet soft.

All Bridal makeup tips and tricks and you are ready for your D-Day. You look all stunning and enter a new life.

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