Prevent Tooth Decay by Reducing Acidic Food

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If you want to prevent your teeth from acid wear, you will need to change your habits, which includes changing your eating habits too. Of course you will need to maintain good oral hygiene but if you already have teeth worn out by acid, there are many things on your platter you will need to cut down. Unfortunately, dentists have started observing increased number of teeth affected by acid wearing. Once your teeth is acid worn, it not only becomes temperature sensitive it also becomes more prone to decay. Here are some ways to prevent your teeth from erosions caused by acids.

The causes

  • Regular and excessive consumption of acid rich beverages such as wine, juices, and other acidic drinks;
  • Eating a lot of vegetables and fruits rich in acid;
  • Irregular eating habits and consumption of less amount of alkaline based food which is effective in neutralizing acids, such as cucumber;
    Eating a lot of snacks and food rich in fatty acids.

The solutions

You don’t necessarily need a dentistry guide to take care of your teeth. Few simple measures will go a long way in teeth protection. Here are some of them.

No more beverages: The carbonated beverages, sodas, wines, soft drinks and preserved fruit juices have excessive amount of acids. Many of these beverages are not only unhealthy for your teeth but are also not good for your overall health. So reducing their intake or cutting them down altogether will have help make your teeth stronger and at the same time make you healthier overall.

Avoid frequent eating: You may enjoy eating frequently all day but it is also putting your teeth at the risk of acid erosion. So you have the following two choices. You can either cut down on the eating, which may also positively affect your bodily health or you can continue with your eating pattern but ensure that you include food items high on alkaline content to ensure that the acidic effect of the food is counteracted. Some of the alkaline food items are cucumber, spinach, nuts, and dairy products.

Brush after a gap: Brushing your teeth after every meal is a good habit. But make sure you leave a gap of 45 minutes to an hour before brushing after the meal. Acidic food softens the enamel and it is more prone to bristle-damage. Therefore let the effects of the acid reduce before you brush your teeth. Also make sure you don’t brush your teeth too hard.

Prevention is better than cure. If you take care of your oral hygiene from the beginning you may not even ever need to cut down on your eating habits, unless you have to for reasons other than dental.

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