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The notion of medical services and their availability for workers employed in the construction business, as well as first aid regulations applying to the industry may still be a secret to some – even though the subject continues to be an important one in view of the statistical number of annual construction workers’ accidents, which continually remains on the rise.

According to national laws concerning the medical service for employees, the employer is obliged to guarantee the availability of medical personnel for any necessary consultation on issues connected with work and professional duties. In case of sudden severe injuries sustained at the construction site, initial medical attention and help shall be granted at the scene. In case no institution providing professional medical help is accessible in close proximity, it is necessary for the employer to ensure that a person with a certification confirming their undergone training or trainings in first-aid treatment is available at the scene. On top of that, the company should provide either transportation necessary for transferring the injured to hospital, or a communication system which will allow for making emergency calls and requests for an ambulance to be provided. In places where the national emergency number 911 is not available, telephone numbers of local medical and other services should be collected and posted in a place visible for everyone concerned. Additionally, in workplaces where exposure to dangerous chemicals or materials may pose a potential threat to workers’ health, it is compulsory to ensure all equipment and appliances designed for emergency use are always at hand.

Employers are also obliged to guarantee the availability of first-aid kits for immediate use in case an injury following an accident during work at the construction site occurs. Their content should be well-stocked, too. Always in the amount suitable for the number of workers and the size of a construction site, first aid kits should consist of individually packed medical items appropriate for all most common injuries and injuries typical for the specific kind of construction work being performed at the given time. All items have to be put in a weatherproof container and be re-checked weekly in order to replace expanded medication. They have to also be verified before being sent out, to make sure they are complete and ready for use. If the employer has knowledge or predictions of their employees being at risk of future exposure to blood or other bodily fluids and dangerous substances while using first aid kits, they should provide necessary personal protection supplies, such as eg. gloves, masks and glass eye shields.

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