The Top 5 Reasons to Remove a Tattoo

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Tattoos have been popular for hundreds of years. The tattoo is a rite of passage, something you do to prove your rebelliousness or declare your love for something or someone. Getting a tattoo can make you look free-spirited, individual, and adventurous. People get tattoos to step outside of the system or prove a point – a tattoo can be a genuine expression of individuality and self. However, as the popularity of tattoos has grown so too has the market for tattoo removal. For every cherished tattoo there is a design someone wishes they’d never had inked. Here are five reasons why that tattoo may not be such a good idea in the future.

Lost Love
Probably the most common reason for tattoo removal is to remove the remnants of a love affair gone wrong. Getting a tattoo of a lover’s name may be a sweet and impulsive gesture but this romantic action may backfire a few years or months down the line when that lover is no longer in the picture. Love is a marvellous thing but think twice about declaring your love in tattoo form. Even if you believe this love will last forever, you probably don’t need a tattoo to prove it. A break up is hard enough without having to deal with a permanent reminder of your ex staring at you every time you have a shower or look in the mirror. And it’s not easy to start a new relationship with an ex’s name tattooed on your arm. You can change the name on the tattoo but this is a little cheap, and unlikely to impress a new partner.

Corporate Conformity
While it may be a great idea to stick it to the man with a tattoo when you’re young and carefree, the same may not be true when you’re trying to get a job in a conservative industry. While it is important to be able to express your personality and individual style it is almost impossible to be taken seriously for a banking or legal role with a winged falcon tattooed across your neck. Discrete tattoos may be acceptable but large and noticeable body art will put you at a disadvantage when job hunting.Changed Your Mind
You probably don’t like the same music or the same hobbies now as you did in your teens. If you got your tattoo when you were young you were probably in love with a certain band but their tattoo now looks strange on the body of a forty-something father. If you changed your religion or your beliefs your tattoo may no longer fit.

Not So Cool Anymore
Design dates, and something that looked great in the 80s may not look so fresh now. Looking cool in your twenties is different from looking cool in your forties – you want your bodily decoration to reflect this.

Botched Job
Unfortunately not all tattoos come out exactly as you’d hoped. Sometimes the tattoo artist even spells the name wrong. An unsightly tattoo can be embarrassing. If someone has pointed out that “passion” actually has two ss and not one s, it may be time to visit this website to find out about safe and effective tattoo removal options.

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