The Top 5 Reasons to Remove a Tattoo

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Tattoos have been popular for hundreds of years. The tattoo is a rite of passage, something you do to prove your rebelliousness or declare your love for something or someone. Getting a tattoo can make you look free-spirited, individual, and adventurous. People get tattoos to step outside of the system or prove a point – a tattoo can be a genuine expression of individuality and self. However, as the popularity of tattoos has grown so too has the market for tattoo removal. For every cherished tattoo there is a design someone wishes they’d never had inked. Here are five reasons why that tattoo may not be such a good idea in the future.

Lost Love
Probably the most common reason for tattoo removal is to remove the remnants of a love affair gone wrong. Getting a tattoo of a lover’s name may be a sweet and impulsive gesture but this romantic action may backfire a few years or months down the line when that lover is no longer in the picture. Love is a marvellous thing but think twice about declaring your love in tattoo form. Even if you believe this love will last forever, you probably don’t need a tattoo to prove it. A break up is hard enough without having to deal with a permanent reminder of your ex staring at you every time you have a shower or look in the mirror. And it’s not easy to start a new relationship with an ex’s name tattooed on your arm. You can change the name on the tattoo but this is a little cheap, and unlikely to impress a new partner.

Corporate Conformity
While it may be a great idea to stick it to the man with a tattoo when you’re young and carefree, the same may not be true when you’re trying to get a job in a conservative industry. While it is important to be able to express your personality and individual style it is almost impossible to be taken seriously for a banking or legal role with a winged falcon tattooed across your neck. Discrete tattoos may be acceptable but large and noticeable body art will put you at a disadvantage when job hunting.Changed Your Mind
You probably don’t like the same music or the same hobbies now as you did in your teens. If you got your tattoo when you were young you were probably in love with a certain band but their tattoo now looks strange on the body of a forty-something father. If you changed your religion or your beliefs your tattoo may no longer fit.

Not So Cool Anymore
Design dates, and something that looked great in the 80s may not look so fresh now. Looking cool in your twenties is different from looking cool in your forties – you want your bodily decoration to reflect this.

Botched Job
Unfortunately not all tattoos come out exactly as you’d hoped. Sometimes the tattoo artist even spells the name wrong. An unsightly tattoo can be embarrassing. If someone has pointed out that “passion” actually has two ss and not one s, it may be time to visit this website to find out about safe and effective tattoo removal options.

What You Need to Know when Buying a Parka

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‘Tis the winter season once again, and are you ready for it? Whilst we grudgingly prepare to face the cold, wet, windy weather by ransacking our wardrobes and taking out those dreaded sweaters, jackets, and other winter wear, it doesn’t mean that we have an excuse to look sloppy. On the contrary – even if you are set to wear bulky winter clothing, you can still look stylish and put-together with hardly any effort. The trick is to wear something that is well-made and well-designed, and this goes for your jackets – specifically, your parka – as well.

Climate change has made the weather quite unpredictable nowadays, hasn’t it? Some places are experiencing colder weather, and it’s also time for you to be prepared with your outerwear. If you are looking for something to keep you warm outdoors, a parka will do the trick nicely.

Choosing a parka

There are plenty of parka designs and styles out there. But before choosing one, you have to know your options first. You actually have the choice between a light or heavy parka, and this may also depend on where you live. Light parkas are usually made with wool and have one single layer of insulation, while heavy parkas are often equipped with extra thick pockets that are attached to the layer of insulation to prevent warm air from escaping. If you are planning on spending a lot of time outdoors, perhaps doing a bit of skiing or other winter sports, then go for a heavy parka. If you simply want a parka to keep you warm whilst you walk a few blocks in the city or countryside, then a light parka can do the job.

Types of parkas

Aside from light or heavy parkas, you also have a choice between the different types of parkas. There are waterproof parkas which are ideal for keeping out moisture, but some are too heavy for everyday wear. However, you can also choose a lightweight parka which can also work as a raincoat so you can stay dry. For better protection from the rain, you can opt for a light parka with a hood, such as the ones featured in this interesting piece.

Another type of parka is the modular parka, which is designed to change the parka into three distinct pieces. The modular parka usually has a zip-out jacket, and it can be taken apart to form an inner jacket and an outer part. One aspect that’s useful about a modular parka is that it can be adapted according to the weather you will be facing for the day. Modular parkas typically include pockets that are zippered and velcro straps.

A third type of parka is the military parka, otherwise known as a fishtail parka. This type of parka normally features a hood which is lined with fleece or fur, and is a bit longer (ending at the thigh) than other types of parkas.

But one thing you should keep in mind when you’re in the market for a parka is that it’s better to get a good quality one which you can use for years. Stay warm and dry, and, more importantly, stay stylish as well!

Must have in your Wardrobe for Evening Wear

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Well when it comes to Evening wear, be it a party or a date or just a movie with your friends, its always difficult to choose the right dress for the right occasion and more often than not you are not satisfied with the dresses in your wardrobe. So here is a list of some of the must haves in your wardrobe for evening wear.

Little Black Dress (LBD)

Little Black dress is a must have in your wardrobe. It is smart, sexy and eye catching and works for possibly every evening occasion. Pair it up with a nice pair of heels and some accessories and you are set to get a lot of compliments. However be careful in choosing the right fabric and the right fitting that suits you.


No matter what the trend is this is one thing that you must have. A pair of Blue denims is one style that can go well with almost anything. Wear it with a white shirt or a top and you can never go wrong. Never shy away from investing in a good pair of denims.

Black Trousers

A pair of flat black trousers is again something that helps you dress up for almost every occasion. You can wear it with a nice pair of top or and accessorize it with some jewelry and you definitely can make a statement but be careful not to go for pleats as it accentuates unnecessary parts your body and make you look fat.


A stylish scarf can change your dress completely and give it a new definition. So indulge in them and have a lot of these which you can mix and match with your regular dresses also. The amazing part about scarf is that it gives variety to your wardrobe without spending a lot of money.

Buy your evening dress at DressFirst Today and you can also get a discount here. However before you start filling your wardrobe there are some basic thumb rules that you should follow. Firstly, it’s very important to know your body type and your complexion. You definitely don’t want to look odd in the party. Also try and avoid light colors for evening wear. Dark color makes you look slimmer than you are and hides away the curves you don’t want to show while light colors accentuate them. In the end the most important part is how you can carry it off. Be it a knee length skirt, cocktail dress or a simple pair of denims, wear something that you can carry off well and are comfortable in.

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